Today in the city La Palma 18.02.2018
India budget offers free cooking gas, health plan for poor

India's finance minister has announced a federal budget with a string of populist giveaways, from free cooking gas to a health plan for the poor, in an attempt to woo voters ahead of national election...

Trump's $1.5 Trillion Infrastructure Plan Prompts Questions

President Donald Trump's $1.5 trillion plan could be a boon for New York state, which needs billions of dollars for subways, water systems and airports, but Washington isn't likely to cut the state a...

Infrastructure Experts Wondering Where Funding Would Come From For Trump's Plan

President Trump's plan to invest billions into fixing the nation's crumbling infrastructure may burden state and local governments and lead to a greater reliance on tolls.

Eritrean Leader Criticizes Israel's Migrant Deportation Plan

Eritrea's president criticizes Israel's African migrant deportation plan as not being fair to the migrants.

Here's the 4-part immigration plan Trump outlined during the State of the Union

President Donald Trump's immigration plan was a big focus of the State of the Union on Tuesday. The plan includes a pathway to citizenship for nearly 1.8 million immigrants that are either enrolled in...

Here’s What Trump’s Mythical Infrastructure Plan Might Look Like

What Donald Trump will actually do with America’s deteriorating roads and bridges is anyone’s guess. Though in Tuesday night’s State of the Union address, the president called for Congress to pass a b...

Trump's infrastructure plan to include rural grants, support for 'transformative' projects

The White House wants to show its work, and avoid the criticism it got for its one-page release of its tax plan.

Lawsuit: Plan to Recover Endangered Mexican Wolves Is Flawed

A coalition of environmental groups is accusing U.S. wildlife managers of adopting a plan for the Mexican gray wolf that falls short of what's needed to recover the endangered species.

Trump advisor Cohn: President to focus on $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan in State of the Union

Trump's State of the Union speech will include a $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan, Gary Cohn tells CNBC.

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